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Hi There!

My name is Thomas Reinders and I built this website during my first internship as a bioinformatician for Tansu Celikel and the Cortical Plasticity focus group in the Department. Being identified as a 'polymath' from a very young age, the multidisciplinarity of bioinformatics contributed significantly to my ever-burning-greed to simply wanting to know things. I have also been labeled as a 'workaholic' when it comes down to my projects but from my perspective this is just a true heart full of passion. I want to be good at the projects I work on and I believe the only way to be good at it is to do what you truly love to do. If that quote was not captivating enough, make sure to have a visit on my Linked-In by clicking on my handsome face. If you do not have Linked-In, please do not feel disappointed because I have a personal e-mail:

- Thomas